My Favorite Things & A Giveaway!

Oh Happy Friday friends!  I love each one of you and I thought I would start the weekend off

with sharing a few of my favorite things..lately and a GIVEAWAY!

  yippee..who doesn't love a giveaway right?

This little journal I picked up a Target 2 weeks ago.  I use it in my quiet times to scribble thoughts you keep a journal?

Allure has an app here that tells us the consumer the top beauty picks for 2011 and so I succumbed and tried the Burt's Bee's shampoo and conditioner.    I have to admit I am a shampoo snob..I have to use salon shampoo's..ugh..I know:(   I do wait for the sales though and there aren't any right now so hence..Burt's Bee's and I must say we all love it.  It is like 98% natural.  The only drawback it is an 8oz. bottle and with a family of girls with long thick hair it really isn't cost effective at 7.86 a bottle.

I grew up with Lipsmacker's and when I read last year that it stays on through exercise and sweat?  I had to try it.  Lipsmackers Vanilla ... I've been a junkie ever since.

I hear ya Jeanne Oliver...I too have them everywhere.  I LOVE the smell too:)

No more messy caps full of dried gooey laundry soap!  I LOVE love LOVE Tide Pods.  They are easy.  Just throw them in and

go about your business and they smell wonderful!  Enough said..go buy some!

I don't regularly buy magazines but when I do these are usually my top three.  Country Living  because it is my eye candy and for inspiration.

Martha Stewart's Living and Rachel Ray..tons of ideas, recipes and such.  Useful:)

Oh and I love Real Simple..title says it all yes?

lastly a new little camera app Camera+ that I just installed on my iphone.  I love it because you can edit unlike the iphones regular camera.

There are frames, actions galore and you can share on Twitter & Facebook right from also has neat little sound effects.

Papaya Art's Luxe totes are the BOMB!  I used to have to change my purses up every 4 months but not with this.  I can't tell you how much I love it. I often carry my drill and tape measure in it as

The longer you use it the more supple and broke in it becomes and they have HEAVENLY designs to choose from.

I stole this one from Nikki last year and I have been perusing the new spring line trying to decide which one to buy!  I know I love the butterfly one...hummm.  Which one would  you buy?

:::The GiveAway:::

I have the honor of working with Miss Claudia from Just Claudia's Vintage Design and at May's sale she brought these beauties in and we all swarmed all over them leaving her beautiful little tree bare.  Go over and give her some love if you have time:)

Peace~LOVE~Junk vintage spoon necklaces!!

Nikki and I love ours so much we wanted to share one with you! You can choose from one of these two lovely designs, so here is what you have to do...

Leave a comment telling us one of your favorite things that you are enjoying right now