in training to trust

Today woke me going a million different directions..none of which were to sit in one place and talk with God.

wide open spaces

so without "feeling" it I hopped on my bed and propped myself up on some pillows with my Bible, journal and Jesus Calling and began talking with our Father telling Him the things I was thankful for and how much I loved Him while all the thoughts of

she has...



so many things to do I just want to quit thoughts...

swirled around in my head..vying for my attention

but I pressed onward opening up to I Samuel and began reading

tire swing

Hannah carried a burden of wanting something so badly..she was oppressed and sad

what have I or have you been carrying for years maybe..something that seems to want to ruin our lives

Hannah went before the Lord and poured her heart out

I have poured my heart out many times have you?

After many years the Lord remembered Hannah

after many years I am ready to learn to trust.  To allow my circumstances to train be used for good and not evil.  Just like Joesph.  In God's time...not mine..."Everything YOU endure can be put to good use by allowing it to train you in trusting ME."...Jesus Calling

So this Monday I am reminded that I am in training.  Training to trust.  The very thing I struggle with.  Funny how God works isn't it?  I have been held hostage by fears all of my life.  God wants to set me free to begin being ME!  To begin playing the hand I've been dealt and quit trying to play someone else's.  The choice is mine..better or bitter?


After all...I kinda like who I am.  I'm ready to learn more.

How has your Monday started?  Like Hannah have you been carrying a burden for years and have yet to see an answer?

Today take a little time to ask God to give you a peek into this..maybe the answer is right in your circumstances?  Know you not alone.  He is always there even when you don't acknowledge Him and don't forget we are in this journey together!!

Now I have peace to start my day.  One thing at a time...and not to worry about anything but with all things say thank you

happy Monday my friends:)  love ya!

I'm in training..yay..I'm in training..oh yeah!..focus on one thing girl..I'm here with you..your circumstances are right on schedule..I will use them for good but you gotta trust..I'm in training oh yeah..I'm in training ( my little Monday mantra:)

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