real life isn't always pretty blog posts:)


I was going to share Grace's room but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

 Real Life isn't all pretty blog posts.


Real life has :in the blink of an eye moments: when your skin turns inside and downs...days of the same old thing...valley lows and mountain highs...

In the light of "little walking letters" here

at a children's hospital my eye opening moment was mild and my heart is softened by other's storys tonight.

His plan happened today and I released the part of me that tries to control to I feel safe and I abandoned it to freedom. At least for today~ for I don't know what my eyes will open to tomorrow.

Grace is doing marvelously and we look forward to coming home tomorrow..fingers crossed

and I look forward to sharing our progress on Grace's bedroom remodel..

I totally related to Jeanne's story..and don't ya just love that barn??...sigh

 I too am learning I can do anything but not everything

today I am trusting and relaxing into taking care of  Grace and all else will just have to wait:)

xoxo to all of you who have prayed and shared so many encouraging words to our hearts on Facebook

blogging from the hospital and loving you girls so much...