question? how do you nourish your relationship?

dreams love messy.  they thrive there.

When something is growing it needs nutrients to grow properly and lately I am feeling stunted.

I need a change..some know when our human relationships sag a little we might go buy some lingerie

get our hair done - something that pushes it out of our "normal" and "routine".

That is what I need I ask

What are you doing lately that is helping nourish your relationship with God?

Don't be shy...I am really looking for some ideas:) so SPILL...

geesh it is messy around here and I am just wanting to change my routine up a little .. I need some meaty nutrients if you know

what I  Any of you feeling this way..go through this?

It is absolutely beautiful here today...90 and sunshine...and I pray you are having a day FULL of beauty


"I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?" - Psalm 121:1