finally! a family photo, white floors & birthday eve

Here I shared some photos of my daughter Chelsee and her grand babies.  Easter was the perfect occasion to get a recent shot of the bunch as they wrangled and wrestled the kids around.  Nikki had to be quick in capturing this bunch because after sitting through church and lunch they were ready to ride their bikes!  I think she got a pretty good one don't you?  She got a shot of each of the babies too...of course they are going up on my barn door that is going up on my wall very soon:)

 We started painting Grace's wood floors last night...we are finishing up Thursday with spraying the walls white too.  Yikes!  ALL white scares me a little.  We got Grace a twin vintage bed at the sale last weekend that I can't wait to show you but I want to have the room and floors painted first though...oh the!

then Thursday if the stars align right we are going to spray her whole room white...I know - pretty gross right now but I can tell you that the floors look SO good today..but more on that very soon:)

"thoughts on my birthday eve" ( you can skip this part if you )

I push my finger into the book lined shelf and draw out my story

I hold its warmth between my hands and I close my eyes as the tears tickle down my cheek and fall over my lips and

they smile

I breathe deep and open the book to where the worn and frayed ribbon holds the place I last was

I sigh .. tomorrow is the 43rd eve of my birthday.  I no longer think of birthdays as gifts and parties while I know many do..I am a rare one

Instead I find myself looking back...lingering over what has been, really relishing moments of my life and of those I love, where I've been, how far I've come and perhaps...where I maybe going.

I laugh as this year has been much different than most birthday eves.

I can't believe 43 chapters have come and gone and this year as the ink meets paper it has much more intention than it ever has SO - that being said

love life.

Heck yes..bring on the 44th chapter!

and I will honor and value each day with as much grace as I remember to receive.


well I am off to get my hair trimmed.  It is getting so long I have been thinking of cutting some off...but not yet:)  I might just be that old woman with long long grey hair gosh darn;D

love you all to pieces!  thank you for supporting me in this busy time!  I know I am not getting around like my heart would like.  I am hoping to get a  handle on all of this soon.

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