how giving is changing my perspective and life

Does a way a person looks make a difference in how you feel about giving to them?

(I'm not talking children in other countries that have no food here.  I'm talking about low places where you might be scared to go into and associate with?  maybe those places I think I am a little above? )

my first response is to say, " of course not."!  Then I was proven otherwise.

yellow barn

The hot water heater decided to stop working ... again this week.  It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  Ever had days like that?  Something small just pushes you over the edge?

I decided when opening House of Belonging that I would give so much to whatever God wanted.  I don't mean throw it into an offering plate and use it for maintenance, payroll etc.

I wanted to ask Him each time what He wanted me to do with it.

For whatever reason I am addicted to Waffle House.  It is a dive around here.  My family ( except my brother ) are NOT fans.  But they make the best my opinion..and their grits.  Oh my I love grits.  I'm just sure I'm a southern girl at heart.



Anyway - this morning I was so stressed I went to food to deal with it all the while talking to God on the way there.  I grabbed a 20 from my give stash and thought I would give it to one of the girls as a tip today.  That would make me feel better.  The girls are starting to know me.  I even go there by myself to eat...I know!

I pulled in there and opened the door and what greeted me?  A man!  Not just any man but a man who didn't look like he should be serving food.  You intimidate me most of the time.  It through me a little because I hadn't seen him there before.  But I sat daily to do list in hand.

Guess who waited on me?  yep!  He was an attentive waiter.  Kind.  My dialogue with God was going something like this...

Why didn't I get the usual girls?  I like her.  I don't even know this guy Father.  I mean, it is taking some of the excitement out of me giving.

I know..horrible right?  So all the while I am eating I am bantering back and forth.  Then very quietly this came.

the perfect barn

It is not your responsibility to worry about what I do with what you give.  You are just to give and trust me.  You are not God.  Giving doesn't always make sense, it doesn't always "feel" a certain way, and you are not always going to "get" something from it.  I watch over my Word to perform it and this is just a small piece of this mans story.  Leave it all with me.  Ouch!

So I finished my breakfast and making my to do list.  Picked up the check and took out the 20 folding it up and left it under the dishes.

I paid my bill and he asked me if I was going to work.  I said yes...I work from home re purposing furniture and making signs etc.  He smiled as he said..ugh..kinda like going to work was a chore.  I smiled and said, " I LOVE my work!"  I was wearing my paint clothes.  I looked pretty scary and I said I get to wear clothes like these.  He smiled again.  I smiled and said thank you and left.

When I got in the car my heart smiled.  The 20 was going to make his day just a tiny bit better and I had peace knowing that I trusted God and God had a plan that was unfolding and when we give...we join in HIS plan.  I also confessed my crummy attitude and heard the lesson He had for me that day at the Waffle House.

Deciding to give in this way is teaching me so many real life lessons.  It makes me much more aware of the people around me.  My eyes and ears are more open to what God may want me to do.

I'm thinking that there is a book just waiting to be written on How God speaks to me at Waffle!

and yes, my water heater was still broke and believe it or not...another crummy attitude and a God story came out of that too but I will save that for next week:)

The Farm

Today is Day 1 of the March sale so I will be working today and tomorrow!   Hoping you have a beautiful weekend to enjoy wherever you are.

thinking I may go to Waffle House before I head to work today..;)


**all photos are from my Pinterest board Solitude.  Go there to get the links for the credits to these amazing barns!:)