homemade baby gifts..and leftover balloons


 Come sit with me and have some iced tea..will you?

My mind is running faster than my body:)  Just got home on the first sunny day after 4 long days of gray and rain getting Grace home from school.  I want to show you what I made last weekend for my brother's baby shower.  Nothing new mind you..just pure fun.  Something I enjoy.

I have lots of cute fabrics piling up and I have had this pinned for months and now was the perfect time to make a batch

Click HERE for her tutorial:)

Grace wants me to make her a Tshirt with a mustache...might be cute:)?

My daughter Chelsee is expecting in June and I have some really cute ideas for baby Khynzie Grace Ashlee Scott ..is that right Chel?

but ssshhh....I am calling her Gray...wink wink.  I sometimes wish I would have called Grace "gray" for short.  Weird I know

and then my sweet friend Chrysy..owner of Restoration Emporium.. is going to be a grandma for the first time this September and we are

ALL so excited for her.  

That being said I will have LOTS of opportunity to create baby stuff.

The theme was Sock Monkey's.  They are so popular right now.

Do you love sock monkey's?  Wishing I could have another piece of that cake.  It was moist and good!

 Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover balloons?  Well we got them all together and wrote STRONG character words on each one we prayed or wished for the baby.  Words like HONOR, integrity, KINDNESS, gentleness, SELF-CONTROL and so on.

Then we had mommy and daddy hold them while they cut them and let the sky swallow them up.  It was precious.

Lots of work to do so down to the basement I go.  Sending all of you a balloon filled with TRUST & THANKSGIVING