for when other's dreams are coming true and not yours..or so it seems

Good Morning ( insert your name here ) its Friday!  Can you believe it?

Do you ever feel as if everyone else's dreams are coming true and not yours?  You feel guilty because your genuinely happy for them but quietly you are sad because you so much want a dream...I have felt that way.  A lot sad to say.

these words are for you today.

God uses ALL things...even things I rolled my eyes at.  Like going to Home Depot with my husband.  I used to sit in the car.  I HATED it.

Looking back God is now using experiences that at the time I had no idea would play such a pivotal role in my future.

In beginning to live out my dream

I didn't even know I HAD a dream.

I can remember the deep heartache of wanting things to change...wanting him to change, circumstances to change

ME to change ( this part is begins with one else we can change but ourselves:)

and the years would go by and the insanity continued..

doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results

BUT God had a plan.  He waits on us.  Time is of no importance to Him.  He has the VERY best for us and He will wait until

all is lined up but the funny thing is....ALL of that was part of the lining up.

So don't discount all your circumstances today.  Lean back into His arms and KNOW all of this..

can be used.  Things you once rolled your eyes at can become the LOVE of your life.

Our Papa is the best at writing stories and taking broken things and making them whole and beautiful again

chips and cracks and all.

SO friend...don't give up.  Keep going today ok?  I promise there is Light!


We can turn our can't into cans right?:)

I'm praying for you today.

Today is the first day of MOVE in for April Sale!!  I take down our first load.  Today is about 50 signs!!

We have gotten a separate website for our shop that will be up and running next week.  SO much going on and I am thankful to our Father that He waited on me to "get it".  Now that miss Nikki is here more we can get down to business!  Now off to load my truck with these beauties.

Each one of your comments about YOU were so fun to read.  Thank you for taking time to share with me.  I will be responding to each of you over the weekend.

this one to make you smile:)....scary!  I always wear safety glasses when using the chop saw!

hugs and love