are you withholding your gift from others?:)

When we live out the dreams planted in our hearts it is a gift..not for ourselves so much as for everyone else.

That really stuck with me because when I'm not living, pursuing the dream God gave me then I am withholding a gift from others.

I am continually overcome with tears lately..driving..showering..just random bouts of tears of joy and thankfulness.  Crazy girl:)

I am filled to overflowing with friends girls.  A band of misfits...I say that with much love.  They are beyond funny and just like me in so many ways!!  They even burp!!   After this weekend it was becoming more clear that God has His hand all over this RE: endeavor.  It is MORE than furniture and shopping while all that is Amazing it goes much deeper I believe.

I've shared here before that I have always felt like I never "fit in" in life.  Well maybe it is because I was trying to "fit in" to the wrong mold perhaps?

Here at RE: we all have a story, differing personalities, goals,  but we all seem to have a heart for God, for helping people, encouraging one another, building up and not tearing down.  People who have hearts to see change..who have a vision for what can be.  People who have honor, integrity and are willing to do the right thing even when it hurts.  NOT perfect but real..ya know?

I am going to introduce them to you friends by one very soon.  You will AdoRe them as I do:)

now this is where I feel at home.  I have an amazing life unfolding before me.  I laugh more.  Step out of my comfort zone more.  Make more mistakes but I know I am in a place I can learn from them.  I feel safe.  They have my back and I have theirs.

It was worth waiting for.  It is worth fighting for.  It is worth protecting.

and we have a Black Mamba...a private joke;)

Now you know when entering into a land not yet sown there will be terrain that is overgrown with foliage?  Places that have to be hacked through.  Sweat is envolved.  It is hard.  Things like this come with entering into new territory.  There are the border bullies.  Those who do not want to see your dreams come true.

Things like water heaters, disease, transmissions, past choices = now consequences..things like that BUT

I hold my hand over my eyes squinting against the sun looking back at the smoke rising on the horizon...seems like a million miles away but it is where I've come from.  Yes..locust can eat it all away and all can seem dead and lost and all hope gone.  I sigh deep and look ahead and you know what I see?

I see my family and I see possibility.  I see trust.  I see my ABBA.  Oh I'm my Father's daughter....I love Him so and I know His love for me is so very real and I smile from ear to ear.  You know the kind that reaches to your heart?  and I know I want to keep going.  I still see them clapping and urging me on.  It is worth it friend.  It is.  Keep going and don't give up.

The sale was more than I hoped for.  We almost sold out of signs so Nikki and I are doing double for April:)...It is God and I am not ashamed to say it!!

I love you all.  Thank you for your support and prayers and always your encouragement.  The picture of me in my work clothes is a shot of me throwing away this god awful ugly lamp.  I bought a new one at our sale:)  I've been waiting foreevvverr to throw this away.

It is going to be 70 here today so I am off to cut pallets for shelves.  Have a beautiful Tuesday girls!

Dreams do come true:)