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only speak words that make souls stronger wrote Ann Voscamp December 21, 2010

Spring has sprung in my heart and Easter...with the Resurrection of life..rebirth..the smell of has a smell you know but transferring that "idea" into spring - bringing forth life everywhere..yes everywhere

green buds popping through wood

specks of green pushing up through dirt

things hatching, animal mama's having babies and the smell of the air changes ... after the rain falls and washes all away there is a fresh..clean..earthy .. organic smell that follows that catches my breath

turning the page of my story I chuckle looking back over the last pages...

seeing that the colors I am using are brighter..happier

my hand rubs over the dried tear stains that on some days fell

closing my eyes I offer up gratefulness to the One Who knows

as a gift of worship

WORDS that make souls stronger becomes that "song" that you can't get out of your head!

Souls are if I am using my words and my art then maybe they can have an eternal impact??

When you take ownership of your story and become co-creator

of it you can color any way you like:)  fun right?:)

now that sums up my love for signage and my deep prayer is that when they find their way into a home that whenever

someone passes by

those words strengthen them

::be watching for new signs.  I have about 20 to put in the least!  Oh my!!::

word color really does change things

at least I am finding that to be true on the pages of  my story

what about yours?

I will be answering some questions this week that I am often asked in emails so stay tuned:)

much love to each of you for taking time to leave words for my heart that really do make it stronger...xotiff

PS...might I do a GIVEAWAY soon?  I would really love to!  Some of my sweet sisters are and I too am in the giving mood..maybe one of my new April signs..or a hat since spring is here?  please do share;)