what I'm doing with comparing

The March move in is DONE and I am wasted and a bundle of emotions gratefulness-excitement-fear all rolled into one how can you keep

comparison from doing you in .. in this environment of created beauty?:)

( I bought one of these to make into a headboard!  It is from my friend Brenda:)

I wish I could personally take you into Restoration Emporium and show you around each partners spaces.  You would be blown away.  The talent and hearts of these friends is extraordinary and I am humbled grateful to be a part of it.

If I'm not careful I could get myself all tied up in doubt, fear, jealousy and go down a wrong path and head right back to the squelched unfulfilled life I had before..shut off from life and people.

Jesus Calling and I are best friends right now.  Why you ask?  Good question friend:)  It puts relationship with Jesus in a very practical way that deals with our humanness.  I understand it so much so that I can DO it..practice it.

and this morning was no exception...


Stop judging and evaluation yourself, for this is not your role.

Above all, stop comparing yourself with other people.....I lead each of My children along a path that is uniquely...what is that word? uniquely tailor-made for him or her...Jesus Calling

Jumping up and down inside I was!  This is one thing I've been learning.  I want to keep going down the path He has for me.  It is the best path.  I've noticed that when I've done that in the past there are always potholes of some sort that I swear just want to kick me off..keeping me from my calling.C

Comparing is one of those enemies.

So when comparison comes sneaking around my backdoor I just remind him that I have my own path.

A path that was so intricately hand crafted..purposed just for me and God knows all the ins and outs so I can just sit back and be grateful for the women He has placed around me that challenge me to be a better person..thankful for the gift of creating that He has placed in each of us..unique to each one.

( I've been eating really really yuck..I know I know )

And gosh darn girls..don't let anything take you off the road of fulfilling your God dreams.  If you are off that path right now..find a way to get back up there.  Ask for prayer and help from someone you trust.  Challenge your courage and ask God if there is something your missing?  Keep your eyes open today and tomorrow for gifts that He wants to show you.  In our busy ( in MY busy ) we don't slow down enough to SEE.

Going to go visit some blog friends until I pick up Grace then back at it again.  The sale is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Yippee!!;)

Giving you a big ol hug...