warrior woman

**blog under construction**

My grey has grown out 2 inches girls!  Holy cow - I am going this afternoon to have it covered and let me tell ya..I'm stinkin pumped.

I will post a pic.  I am going a little crazy this time...and I've got a zit on my face.  Not a little one either.  Ugh!  Maybe Nikki can edit the zit out?

I am leaving my house looking like a bomb went off.  I've had sick kids as I"m sure many of you have had.  We are gearing up for March's sale already and I am trying to finish orders up so I can open my Etsy shop again on Monday.  But I just had to share my warrior woman necklace with you that my go to word jewelry girl created just for ME

I told her what I wanted it to say and she asked me some questions and this is what she created?  Beautiful right?  There is something about wearing words...especially ones that God speaks to me...on me.  If I was into lots of tattoo's I'd have my whole body tattooed....hhhhuummmm..jk

SO - if your wantin to have something special and created just for you go see my girl will ya?

Have a beautiful Friday evening.  We are going to see The Vow.  Channing Tatum..need I say more;)

and cleaning the whole house and then getting down to business on some new sign designs and some WAY cool furniture this month so stay tuned.  Hugs and love