overalls from a men's bathroom ~ junk drunk & HOPE

**blog under construction still:)**

 Happy LOVE day to you sweet friends.  It was fate using the men's bathroom by mistake last weekend.

I walked out to the older ladies laughing at me..who knew right?  Anyway - hanging in there were these old overalls.

I've been wanting a pair real bad..remember when overall's were in?

I came out with them asking if they were for sale.  They had seen better days for sure.  The lady laughed even harder and quickly rang the owner of these farmer overalls.  On the other end she asked..what does she want them for?  The white haired lady chuckled and said, " I think to wear them!"  and so I am.  Today just for YOU:)  to make you smile and me feel fat.  They have lots of room;)


 Can't tell much from the pictures but I had some blond put in my hair.  A little more than usual to try and perk myself up from the winter blahs!  But hey - at least the gray is gone right?

To give you another laugh is me this morning. after my shower drinking coffee and talking with Abba and wearing Grace's silly glasses!

Sometimes I just crack myself up and there is a good picture of the zit I told you about Friday!  Ugh.  It is going away thank heaven!


Nik & I were JUNK DRUNK on Saturday.  Bottom's UP girls...God blessed us with a truck load!  We even loaded it all ourselves.

Girls ROCK!  Now we are busy repurposing it all.  Making it pretty and boy is it looking PRETTY:)

 and last - something that has been on my heart after hearing from some of you

DON'T give UP HOPE.  I know you have season's off despair and years can go by but don't ever think God does not have a plan and an appointed time for YOU.  Pick it up fresh and new today will you?  Begin by shutting up that inner critic that says all that negetive mumbo jumbo and stop listening to negetive people who don't believe in dreams.

Let God breathe a fresh word into you heart today.  Take His hand and start today.  This day of LOVE.  Start walking with Him.  His hand is always there.  Take it will YOU?  I will too....xoxo