No. 1 & No. 2 chairs with chalk paint recipe

good afternoon girls and happy Monday...

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness & exhaustion from the weekend and I can't wait to share it all with you but first I have to help a friend out.

In the week ahead I will be stocking the store with some new things.  One will be my debut of HOB's infant/toddler Spring line of vintage textile clothing..pieces meant for gifting and blessing.  Another will be a  way we can help momma's and kids and families who need a place to stay for a bit and get back on their feet.  Something that is near to my heart. for the barstools! ( pictures from my iphone...ugh)

You all know Becky over at Farmgirl Paints.   My go to girl for my word jewelry;)  more on that later.  I think she saw these on my Instagram and now she has gone and got herself a set of IKEA stools and wants to make them crazy cool - so I will share what I did.  Nothing HARD..VERY easy:)

I am going to make this short and sweet cause I am by no means a how-to blogger..wink wink

I had a set of Pottery Barn Aaron bar stools that looked like this

Aaron Barstool


We no longer can use them because they are to tall for our bar now and besides we won't have the bar once we rip it out.

So I repurposed them into No. 1 & No. 2 chairs and put them in the shop.

::Here is how I did it::

I mixed up a batch of chalk paint - RECIPE found HERE.   My friend Valerie from 2ndEssense who is a fellow vendor at RE: uses this recipe.  She creates the most amazing pieces!  Now SHE is one to go to for how-to's.

I used Sherwin Williams Creamy but you can use any color you love.  That is the cool thing about homemade chalk paint.  You can use any color you want!  Cool right?

I put on two thin coats of the chalk paint letting them dry in between

Chalk paint does dry very quickly..another bonus!


Then I took sand paper and distressed them.  Mainly concentrating on the edges and where there would be normal rubbing.

After they were sanded to my liking Nikki found a font and I printed it out in the size of the back of the barstool.

I then cut around it

taped it to the back of the stool and traced it lightly

then I painted it in with black paint.

Let that dry and do a little more sanding..matching the distressing of the letters to the chair.

Last - I applied 2 light layers of MinWax paste buffing in between layers.  You can get the Minwax at Lowe's or Home Depot for under 10.o0.

And that was it!

You can't screw it up.  Paint is always repaintable.

And Becky - I want a post when your done:)

now I'm off to finish my Etsy orders so I can start on all of March's stuff!!!

Loving each one of you...more to come!