media party

It was a beautiful party

From the moment Nikki and I got into the truck to leave we could feel the peace

Chrysy & Jeff gave honored God and all of their vendors..making us all teary.

that is Chrysy & Jess...the visionaries of Restoration Emporium

A prayer was said .. we just felt God's hand on this whole adventure.

I know that this is where I'm supposed to be right now

I met some lovely lovely women who I cannot wait to get to know more AND share with all of you.  They are ALL amazing each in their

own unique way.  Isn't that cool about each other?  we are all gifted so unique and then we are placed together and

make a whole community.  LOVE it

I was quiet..I am a slow cooker when it comes to meeting people:) even though inside I am

dying for people to like me and to know them.  Sometimes I am transported back to school days.

Someday I will have tell you my story of always getting picked last in PE.  My son will not

let me live that one down

I did go with the country chic only I added a sweater cardigan instead of the jean jacket although

I coulda used  North Face Parka I was so cold though..wink wink

I have LOTS to do so I'm going to run but I will have a sneak peek this weekend for you all of what will be in the shop

in February

And I will be listing a few items for pre-orders as well

So enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.  It went from 60 yesterday to 20's today...I am drinking Ruby Red Chai tea from

Trader Joe's right now.  I hope you can feel my hugs and love for all of your prayers and support

We even said that on the drive is God and the prayers of warrior women..yes?


Chrysy's husband built her this Smore's bar!  crazy cool huh?

wonder if you could roast hot dogs:/

all of the beautiful photos were taken by the butter to my daughter Nikki.

 I am forever grateful.  Always know that..even if I have to take you to work all week;)

She HATES her picture taken and she is going to kill me dead for this but she is so beautiful inside & out

and I am proud that she is my offspring AND to prove there really is a!



A little West Bottoms history if your interested.  It is where Restoration Emporium is located.  Stop by their page and

love and LIKE on em.  They are trying to reach 1000 before Grand Opening on February 3!