junking & bbq

JUNKING = ( turning broken things into new beauty)

My Saturday began with JOY Dare...just bursting with thankfulness...21, 22, 23 full of anticipation for... I'm not sure what

but first

I had to run by the post office where I had my first God moment...I ran into an old friend..not just any friend.  A bestie...we taught Precept together, home schooled together,  grew in our relationship with God together.  That kind of friend.  It had been years but in just minutes it seemed as if no time at all had elapsed.

3 weeks and 3 days girls!  I have lots to do to get ready for opening day

so I woke Nikki up and coerced Grace and off we went.

20 minutes of highway and 20 minutes of heaven...country roads with barns...harvested fields lying dormant...and spaces of wheat turned a red gold and miles of space.  I could just BREATHE.  I felt my heart getting lighter and lighter.

The weather was perfect for junking.  We pulled into a little po dunk flea market off the country road.  Two treasure filled buildings waiting for us.   Little old ladies ran the place from what we could see.  They have homemade cinnamon rolls & pies on Saturdays { we ate 3 }  Next time I will take some pictures of them for you.  The first time in I didn't want to weird them out.  I doubt they know what blogging is:)


Nikki and I were in heaven.  We perused to our hearts content picking and choosing what we wanted to spend our money on.

Laughing .. remembering .. being .. spending time.  We are enjoying this new venture together.

Nikki snapped this picture for me.  I had one of these when I was a little girl.  Do you remember Holly Hobby?--I LOVED her!

I love fiesta ware.  I love the color.  I have a few pieces.  They had lots here...all 50% off even

Nikki has a fan fetish:/

This is our SEXY barn.

Nikki snapped it while we were driving by.

S -- SEXY ... don't ask it just popped into my head...we laughed and it felt good.

Ridiculous...BBQ.  In Bates City there is a best kept secret.   I grew up in Bates City.  I worked here and my sisters worked here.

We HAD to stop.  It had been at least a year!  I can still taste it.  It was heaven..the beef is so tender and melts in your mouth.  Their sauce

is the perfect sweet spicy... perfect for french fry dipping.  All for 10.75!  You can't beat that.

It was the perfect Saturday.  A best friend who I hadn't talked to in years

time with my girls junking..laughing and BBQ.

24.  grateful I have praying friends to come along on this journey in the land of giants.

How did your Saturday begin...

Now I'm off to finish painting and sewing...

In three weeks I will show you the by products of our junking days

thanks for listening and I'm giving you a big hug.

Write if you need anything.....talk soon.  XOXO