Hippie Hip or Country chic?


My daily three right now...if you know what I mean?:)  XOXO to you Sherri for the prayer book..LOVING it!!

 Panera's has the most awesome oatmeal I've ever had by the way!

Whew!  Thank heaven's..it's Friday!  Are you just plum tuckered out?  I am.  I'm gearing up for a big weekend by taking a nap..well I am supposed to be but instead I wanted to talk to you.  My brain won't shut off!

My Friday consisted of running to Trader Joe's, Home Depot, the bank, the post office and the bank .. again.  Picking up Grace at school then picking up Nikki from work.  You know these days?

Tonight the kids will be going to game night at my sister's while I stay home and paint and watch Under the Tuscan Sun...for the 4th time!

and making myself a  homemade personal pizza and a new super easy salad recipe ( share this later )

which one?

I am stuck between two dresses.  This one I bought last winter at Marshalls and I call it my Hippie dress...black tights.. black boots

Yesterday Gap outlet was having a sale and I've been eyeing this dress for 2 months.  And wouldn't you just know it that yesterday it was the ONLY one on the clearance rack and it was with 40% off that price so I got it for 15 dollars!!  It was fate!  I call this look Country chic..navy tights..brown boots and a jean jacket..something like that?

and Robyn..I LOVED your advice..I am going with the bolder eyeliner:) and red will be my color;)

Tomorrow Nikki and I will be heading out with appetizers and wine for the media party.  I will be sure to take pictures!  I struggle so with being insecure in a large crown.  Pray I'm not a wall flower OR overcompensate and act stupid!  AND that I don't kill us driving down there!

a sneak peek at some pillows I am making for opening day!  they will also be in my shop the first weekend in February!

What are you all up to this weekend?  any big plans?  prayers?....

I sign off with what I told Grace when I dropped her off at school this morning

YOU rock!  Peace:)

i did!  and she rolled her eyes and smiled;)  I'm cool like that...not really...lol!

Hippie Hip or Country Chic?

Hoping your weekend is full of laughter, lightness & love