don't succumb to the rush crazed age & shop news

2012 is no different from any other really..still demanding and manipulating me to join the rush-crazed age and I acquiesce only to find myself miserable with a capital M..and within the clamoring storm--peace calls to me and I am once again torn whether I should appease the lust of the flesh or choose to please the One who truly loves me.

It's always there this... nemesis called self.  No matter what the year.

while I still celebrate a new year I'm learning that each day is more do'able'.  Honestly, I don't know if I will live a whole year ( not to be morbid but it's the truth ) so living each day...being the most present I can is my WORD or GOAL for this year.

so -- that being said

all covered in my custom favorite green paint that I've yet to name...

 to our warehouse light snatched from the west bottoms that now hangs happily where an outdated ceiling fan once occupied.


to Grace learning to drive on December 30th on Nana's farm!  She LOVED every minute of it.  No cars were dented and no by standers harmed but we are all still wondering how you simultaneously push the brake and accelerator:/

from my newest custom sign

very behind on catching up with each of you..which I will be doing..grace please;)

I can't wait to see what you all have been up to!

and a gift from Nikki to her Momma's heart that longs to be free.  Not just in my eternal life to come but my life right now.  It is a fight but one I'm not willing to let go of just yet.

I am up to my eyeballs in paint.  Restoration Emporium ( where House of Belonging will be located ) is opening for a sneak peek a month THIS FRIDAY!  So I have been busy making some things to give a hint of what my "vibe" will be.  I will post in a couple of days what all of that will be SO until then

ABIDE in His love.  Look & Listen...let this be the pivotal year where the rush crazed frenzy does not keep you captive.

while all the above things clamor for my time I want to be able to enjoy within my days


eating well--taking care of myself so I can better care for others

enjoy creating/working

time with God

having time to just 'be'..even if its 15 minutes

having time for listening to others

and time for my family

this is where it gets gritty isn't it.  So many things want us.  We just have to prioritize and intentionally..within our ability..make it happen.

May you see your potential to change the world around YOU..within each day you are gifted.

BE FREE my sweet FREE

see you soon


**pray for my health.  I've been sick.  The Humira is not working and my back has been out almost a week.

With the shop opening sooner it has put added stress and I don't want to succumb to it but instead enjoy doing what I can within my limits....xoxo