don't laugh~i'm vulnerable;)

My laundry is piling up and until today I didn't know it had a  name. Tara coined a new phrase for my home decor.  Gotta love this girl yes?  Laundry vignettes! Ha!  Sheets?  are you kidding?  They aren't getting changed I'm sure until February.  Unfinished projects everywhere.  My living room has the normal couch and chair but now also has 2 barstools, a coffeetable and end tables and cans of paint and wax and dropcloths....need I say more?

And I only dream of my Pinterest clothes closet these days.  This is what you will find me in if you knocked on my door at any given time this week.  I took the kids out to dinner last night and I did change into running pants...only they aren't dong much running these days.

I tried combing my hair this morning and found paint in it!  Oh goodness!  Ponytail, paint clothes, paint shoes slippers...pretty sexy huh?;)

but you know what?  I am intentionally taking each day as it comes..When dreams are being worked out I can't expect an easy road.  Now is the time for planning and hard work.  The harvest will come.  I am learning to wait on Him.  His timing.  To stop forcing things and just using all of my senses within each day.  Remember those kitchen cabinets that are so SO gross?  They will wait.

Until then I'm living in a beautiful mess of gifts, grace and tears of joy...literally!   Now off I go to put on some deodarant.

oh before I forget..guess what?  this weekend I have my first media party!  Not "my" media party - Restoration Emporium's media party.  Our little House of Belonging will reside inside of Restoration Emporium.  gotta be clear about that!  I have no clue what a media party is but it sounds SO grown up.  I've been a domestic engineer for the last..well since I was 16 - so this is way out of my comfort zone.  BUT at the same time -  I am excited.   I might actually get to wear something besides paint clothes.  I will be sure to share pictures next week.  I want each of you experience all of this with me.

have a beautiful beautiful evening friends...I will leave you with Grace's chalkboard door art.