1 thing for when your dreams are TOO BIG


I'm just a girl like you.  a momma.  I have noting earth shattering to share today...only real raw life.

Who of you woke up yesterday and thought "I can't do 'this' anymore?"  This crazy made up in my own mind "dream" with no real flesh and bones to it yet.  I promise it exists in my heart.  Nothing seemed to be going right - in fact it was all going wrong in my opinion.

"remember Tiffini for years you have been asking for me to guide you into your calling?  you have opened your heart to what My desires for you are?  remember?

you invited Me..and He smiles tenderly and pulls me close and whispers.  His warm breathe I can feel on my hair

I am infusing with you a dream.  a dream made just for you.  a dream that seems far beyond your reach.

For months we've been working on nurturing trust.  Just that alone.  re-learning what relationship is with Me.  not the broken love of man but the  healing love of your Creator who knows you intimately.

This dream journey we are on is about TIME.  Time is teaching.

It is not just about going from A to B

or making X amount of dollars so you can have "freedom" from what you 'think' you need

As Erasmus and Ann said

" A nail is driven out by another nail;

Habit is overcome by habit." ~ Erasmus

It is in this driving of the new nail and the coming out of the old that the dream is quickened and brought to life.

It doesn't happen pain free.  It doesn't happen in your time frame.  Years are nothing to Me.

Sarah laughed.  And so have you.  Don't doubt the plans I have for you are good.

Don't look at your messy circumstances as all is lost.

And all the dreams that are as of yet unfullfilled as " it is too late "

It is within these circumstances that I am intervening and

NOW is the TIME that you've caught a glimpse of what I'm doing.

And dreams and new story beginnings are not just for you they are for all my children.  All of your stories are for others and

theirs for you and ultimately for MY glory.

So remember:: when you want to give up..look up

the reason you feel like this is the dream I've given you IS to big for you.  It is meant to be a love feast between you and ME.

depend on ME.  A walk of faith..a journey into the land of giants that I have already overcome but when you walk with ME

throughout the new land we build trust.


and this is kinda sorta how my day was yesterday.  If you have a dream that God has planted in your heart and you are doubting and you want to give up.  Don't.  Remember - He wants us to rely on Him.  It is supposed to be to BIG for us.  If we could do it on our own it wouldn't have lasting fruit, changed lives and healed hearts the same way.

I am going to the Pearl Event II on March 10, 2012

Is anyone going?  I am SUPER excited to meet all of these ladies.  I am already nervous...yikes:)

I know you all know these girls but I want to thank them for prayer.  They took real time..xoxo and I feel better this morning..gratefulness!

Sibi @ Pearls and Grace

Tara @ Between You & Me

:: and I am cracking up!  I just clicked over to get the url and I saw I won the giveaway!  Are you kidding?  Oh Tara - now this made my morning.  I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear:)))  SO funny!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Sherri @ Flipflops in Florida

Paige @ Simple Thoughts

Kerrie @ Sea Cottage

Linsey @ LLH Designs

If you have some extra time go give them a visit.  They are real women who love God and people.  I thank God for them and you each and everyday.

Praying for each of you today that your eyes and your mind are wide open to ALL that God is doing in your life.

oh -- and dreams are NEVER to BIG.  They are custom made for each one of us.