re:creating my childhood tree


Talk about ugly.  I haven't been in the Christmas spirit at all.  Scroogy really.  I had 'more important' things on my mind.

Until Nikki suggested we buy a real tree this year.  That is when I realized I was being selfish.  Thinking more of myself than everyone else.  So off we  ALL merrily went to Home Depot... OK - not merrily.. crankily;)

We did a ONE STOP shopping trip ... tree and all.

I told Tara I had a basket I was going to use this year but I really wanted a metal bucket...and I confess that I went outside of my budget and got one! By next year I'm hoping it will be a little rusty from using it this summer for soda and water.  I didn't have time to put the wheels on but will do so when it is warm!

Here is what I remember from childhood

tinsel, candy canes, bulbs and Hallmark ornaments.

I don't have many Hallmark ornaments left but I did do candy canes, tinsel and added all of our special ornaments.  Some from when the oldest kids were little.

My tiniest grandbaby miss Khloey is my tree terririzer.  The tree no longer looks like this.  It has broken branches and missing ornaments and when she visits--he sits under the tree and pulls everything off...and yes...some still goes in her mouth.  I forget what babies do to trees.

We are happy with our living tree all decked out in her finest.  Things that make us happy and when it is all said and done is all about Christ and HOPE.  And for that we are grateful.  And the grumpy Scrooge is gone..for the most part {wink wink}

Because it is green year-round, the evergreen tree represents hope. Its needles and its narrow crest point upward, turning our thoughts to heaven. Because the tree is cut down and then erected again, it is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. Lord, may I see Christmas trees as a sign of hope and as reminders of the many trees that figure in salvation history. I thank You, Lord, for turning the tree of Adam and Eve’s sin into the tree of life through the cross of Christ. Because of the tree on which Christ died, You have given us the promise of eternal life. We praise you forever. Amen.

Praying for each one of you a season of HOPE


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