2011 list of lessons & gratefuls

The last few days of 2011...like a vapor time passes doesn't it?  I have been trying to step out of this life's busy pull..intentionally soaking up the last bits of 2011..taking inventory of what I am going to take into 2012 and what I am gratefully leaving behind as "life lessons".

Off the top of my heart here is a little list of 2011's lessons & grateful's


a new old house that we can renovate all year long

a new adventure in a business that brings me so much joy

taking courage with me more often

nurturing my trust with God.  YOU & me I often say.  I am getting a ring this year that says that I swear...;)

FEARLESSLY  my 2011 word of year.  All year long I have been challenged in this area!  listening now for 2012 word....

eyes to see and ears to hear.  Praying daily for this.

a new found strength to be on my own..that I would be ok.  It is HARD but I can do it.  baby steps

liking my own heart.  ..I've always thought way deep about things that so many would not give a second thought.  For fear of being different I held it back.

learning that my weaknesses are ok and that He uses those.  He knitted me together so it must be good and not to be ashamed of the way my heart is.

hiding..leaving that vice behind.  Learning to accept my gifts as from Him to be used for Him.

Lastly, but the most important is living within each day.  Not in the future.  Intentionally stepping out of the world's busyness and slowing down.  Often I am finding this is internal.  That is where my wheels want to go ninety miles an hour.  Just taking time throughout my day to talk with God as I walk with Him.  Especially when I mess up or am angry.  I am practicing not pulling away from God but drawing even closer.  And this..THIS is where I am finding more and more His abiding love for me.  He knows every nook and cranny of my busted heart and He still & always will choose me and love me.


my youngest grandbaby--miss kholey:)

and dear one...He does YOU too...chooses and loves that is.  If one thing you take away today please think on that.  He is ALWAYS there.  Feelings are fickle and come and go. God does not.

I am working on house projects and shop projects and getting photos ready to post right after the new year.  I have chosen to take the reminder of 2012 to really think about this past year and looking forward to 2012 and all it could possible hold.  In Jesus calling last week I read...

Expect to see miracles---and you will.  Miracles are not always visible to the naked eye, but those who live by faith can see them clearly.

Can't wait to rebuild this house and my heart...with each and every one of you in 2012

together we will look for miracles yes?

what things are leaving in 2011 and what things will you be taking into 2012?