::unsubscribe::tips for tidying up your inbox

I have been intentional about de-cluttering my life but who would have thought unsubscribing to a bazillion places would make me feel .. happy instead of dread to open my inbox.  But it did.  It took 3 good days to whittle down the bulk of unwanted emails.  Today my inbox is 3/4 of what it was. Honestly, most days I just went in and deleted.  It overwhelmed me from reading anything.

::have I read this in the last week?

::does it add to my daily life...if it is something that I am implementing and is useful..I kept it.  If not - it went bye bye.  Don't let guilt keep you stuck. It is just an email.

::do I know where to go if I need something from them...retail stores are a biggie.  Everywhere you shop  now they want your email.  I am starting to give a fake one...ha!  I know if I need a coupon I will ask my mom;)

::how many emails can you receive that encourage & lift you up.  ( devo's, places that send encouragement etc.)  Narrow it down to maybe your three favorites.

::causes?  from facebook.  they had to go

::for the blogs I subscribe through email- I put those into my reader therefore keeping it all in one neat place.  Blogs I don't read anymore I just deleted.  I know...I felt SO guilty but such is life.  I just don't have the time to do it all.  If you have to do that to me...I understand;)



That is how I did it in a nutshell.  Nothing fancy.   There are still email straggling through but I just go in and hit the unsubscribe button.  They intentionally make it a two or three step process therefore we don't take the time to mess with it.  It is tedious but I found that playing Adele's 21 and Kelly Clarkson's Stronger made the time go quicker:)  If you home alone you can dance a little...it's ok nobody is watching...what?  I'm the only one who does that?

Carve out some time and sit yourself down and begin to tidy up your inbox.  This is where you get to personalize it.  Tailor it to YOU.  This is just me.  Make it work for you.  Your brain will be glad you did.  And this time next week? Yeah, you will be saying....I'm so glad I did that.  I know I am.  Happy Wednesday all.  Now off to tidy up my house.



38.   called house lady

39.   called on truck & set up my online account again..yeah!

40.   fighting giants