moving again :: a short intermission

oh girls..are you as miserable as I am with all of this thankful food?  I had to have a salad today just to feel clean again.

I won't keep you long but I wanted to pop in and let ya'll know we are indeed moving again..and painting.. 

all in the same weekend.

And I will offer up thanksgiving.

I am taking a week off and then will be back with THE STORY.

And you will want to hear this one:)

I have PLENTY to share.

Will you do me one thing before you go?  I so need prayer before I have a meeting sometime next week.

For God to just give me the words and to prepare her heart.  God knows.

If you could lift this meeting up I would be ever so grateful.

The kids and I are in good spirits and for that I am thankful.

I sure hope each of you had a beautyFULL holiday and saw God's goodness.

I know we did.  I love each and everyone of you.  so much.

I am learning to be centered in all circumstances and stop waiting for the perfect time when I can do 'this or that'.  

Now is the time.  to live.

**I will get back to visiting again very soon.  Looking forward to it very much**