monday moments::{in photos}

  weekends go by so fast don't they?  It take one being intentional to savor moments.  Here are a few of mine from this past weekend:  enjoy

::my oldest grandbaby turned 4!::

notice the little bare spot in his hair?  he cut it by himself.  To us older momma's - remember those days?

::baked caramel stuffed apple cider cookies with my mom & Grace::

::Grace at Reed's party - growing up so fast::

::not enough to 'not' get her face painted::


::this kid gave me the most special moment.  I am so proud of him.  Hopefully I will be able to share a little soon::

so excited  to share with Suzanne at Privet & Hollytoday for the first


Jen @ Finding Heaven

xo- tiff

42.   going for it

43.   words He spoke:  dwell, trust, delight, wait