::meet my granddaughter Karalina::

Look at me!  Do you like my new glasses?

I picked them out all by myself.

My mommy thinks they are ugly but not me" said little miss Karalina

hand on her hip of course;)

She is so proud of them can you tell?

I received this on my phone today from my daughter Chelsee

and I couldn't help but share it with you all.

( and she's wearing my owl shirt too:)

This is my oldest granddaughter

she's a sassy pants and she is 2 ... almost 3.

One of the most amazing - life changing - cannot put it into words - is being a grandma


matters more than anything
 is what I want more of
more time with

when I leave this world I know I won't regret spending time with them

putting all I know..the broken..the healed and the still working on... into them.

Just pour it in them.

I want to begin introducing you to my 5 kiddos more up close and personal

and my 3 grand babies...almost 4!  Chelsee just found out she's expecting!

Grandma loves your pink glasses.  If you love them ... I love them.  And I love you to0:)

If your a momma, have you allowed your kiddo's to pick out something even though you hated it?

46.   doing the hospital alone

47.   moving again

48.  ( can't get the courage to call ll) ugh!