leaves teach too


leaves wear their colors in the damp gray days more vibrantly than any other day.

the leaves took my breath away today as their beauty captured my thoughts as I drove.

the morning came bringing a gray rain somehow making the leaves colors mesmerizing.

Their beauty taught me a lesson:

Breathing out into the moment.  Becoming like the leaves on a gray damp day.  From this perspective the gloominess of the day then becomes a canvas for the damp leaves to paint a picture calling to us to stop and look.  To breathe in.  Deep.

is Your desire for our broken and hard places in life  to be Your canvas?

Calling out to those around us to stop and SEE.  If so, what colors am I shining?  It makes me wonder what they see.  It makes me stop and look at my hard places differently.  I can reach out to others from this 'place'.


today I am thankful for damp gray because it makes me appreciate the sun so much more when it comes out.

xo~ tgbg


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