dinner & dessert in 15 minutes :: {bbq tacos}

 Here is a go to recipe that we LOVE here at our house.

Traders Joe's has become my guilty pleasure.  I drive 30 minutes every week that I can.

Seriously, these are the best packaged taco shells you will ever have.  And the pulled pork? delish.

I promise.

 perfect dinner for the busy holidays

or after you are sick of turkey this weekend:)

just 3 minutes for the pulled pork and 4 minutes for the shells

cut up some lettuce, open the cheese and there you go!

of course you can add any other toppings your family would like.

  {Total Cost} = 15.30

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's  2.99

head of lettuce  1.29

pulled pork  4.99

taco shells  1.99

shredded cheese  3.99

and an easy dessert?  Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

Secret { put them in the refriderator for the day } 

enJOY right before bedtime;)


**sorry for the photos..taken with my phone.  since we are moving i have no time for anything fancy:)

51.  drove with my mom to trader joes while she texted and played with her phone!