Remember this?

My courageous friend Becky made it for me.  Custom even:)

Sadly, I only had it a couple of weeks if that when I lost it.  Still haven't found it. 

I looked high and low and even after moving still no cuff.

I've always been one to want to know the outcome of everything.  It drives me kinda crazy.  ok really crazy.

This week I found this picture while searching on my computer :( and it hit me..don't try to understand just BELIEVE....aaaahhhhh!

I'm SO slow.

I can't see my cuff anymore.  Just like FAITH.  Believing in something you cannot SEE.

And that I am.  This November I am choosing to BELIEVE?


Believing in God breathing life into what was once dead

Believing in Dreams...they can and do  come true

Believing in a HOME

Believing in living in the NOW

Believing that HE is always my companion..always

Believing that things really are turning around


what about you?  what are you believing in this November?



49.   Going to Home Depot and renting a buffing sander...and using it!

50.   Calling on a space!