a weekend at the hospital

Hospital stays come unannounced and you just gotta roll with it.  Grace was admitted yesterday for asthma exacerbation.  With the up and downs in our weather here in Missouri combined with mold, leaves and her fighting a cold for the last couple of weeks it finally pushed her little lungs over the edge. Just wanted to jump on real quick and give you an fyi!  She's finally turned the corner late this afternoon.  We've finally been able to wean her oxygen from a 4 to a 1 and her sat's are staying between 91 and 93 which is what we want so we can hopefully go home tomorrow.  We have been hanging out together watching Eat, Love, Pray and the Disney Channel.  She is gluing with glitter and sand while I hop on here real quick.  Love all you girls and hope your weekend was full of fun memories.  And go hug your kiddos and tell them you love them ok?  Talk soon...tiff