*Sugarboo* inspired hand painted sign

  Over the summer my friend Lisa introduced me to Sugarboo Designs and I LOVE them.  Sugarboo has been the inspiration for so many of the signs on Etsy & Pinterest.  Nobody can come close but it is sure fun to try...and cheaper;)

Words are like sandpaper.  They can shape you..cut deeply into the grain of your soul.

I have a festish for words.  Today I am working on a word wall collage.  Give me a year

and I may have my whole house covered.

Everywhere I look in my house I will be lifted........up

words that build up

not tear down

After all...we are said to be living letters.  My life speaks about who I am ( and becoming ) on the inside .. everywhere I go.

Words soak into my spirit like water.  Right now I'm thirsty.

What goes in.. comes out.  I am hoping that I will be more conscience of the words that come out of

my mouth.

and the leaves are falling...somewhere so is a heart...let me be not be in such a hurry that I don't notice.  today.


are you in a hurry that you don't take the time to notice?
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more 'words' to come.  thank you thank you to all of you!



26.   waiting.  what am I supposed to do with my life now.  waiting is hard for me.

27.   trusting.  giving worries to God today so I can hear.