one thing I'm doing to help me live life afraid & a gift

{ a little gift for you below }

Listening to my circumstances has been like holding my ear up to a conch shell. Just as one has to stop and be very still and quiet to hear the ocean.  I having to stop and be very still and quiet to hear what is being spoken into my life.  This fear of people is a tourniquet stopping the life flow.

After writing my post on Fear of People and the comments I don't think I'm the only one who lives with this.  Last week  I visited my first ever Lulumon store ( while I was @ Trader Joe's ) and you all know these manifesto bags right?  Well..I copied this quote and am pasting at the end of each of my post.

Inspired by the Lulumon shopper and Becky & Tara's grateful lists at the end of each post I am doing something similar...only mine will be an ongoing list of things I do that scare me.  It will be @ the bottom of every post.

With persistent perseverance I will begin to loosen fears grip on my life and embrace living on the perimeter of my comfort zone.  I believe that is where Jesus really calls us to experience Him.  On the perimeter of the known & unknown.  It is titillating almost...this risk.  What if it is so much more than I could imagine.   What if I'm not who I think I am?  I've chosen to allow other to create me?  Now - I can create me.  Pleasing no one other than Him.  That is all that is really asked of any of us isn't it?

What about you?

Do you long to live on the edge of life but like me, you allow fear to keep you from real living?
or are you a risk taker and live life right on the edge? If so - we need to talk..ha!:)
my prayer for you today...


5.  talked to my LL..stood my ground
6.  said no to being a little girl & yes to being a grown up women yesterday
7.  asked my own questions
8.  drew a boundary..risked someone being upset..asking for what I needed
 Love these girls...going to hang out over with Jen & the SDGgirls.  Won't you come too?