now tell me, " what did you do today?"

You know how the CHI revolutionized our hair?  You just HAD to have one? I honestly do not know what I would do without it!

That is how I feel about this devotional book.  Jesus Calling.

This is what I wished I'd had when I first believed.  It is a practical relationship book:)

Jesus Calling + my moleskin + consciously practicing it daily  = grow

 If you don't have one.  Get one.  It is that good!



Have you been watching X Factor?  Oh my..the first show in a long time that I have to watch.

The whole vibe of dreams coming true..and the story line of people's lives..gets me every time.



For dinner I am grilling chicken,baking potatoes with olive oil and garlic salt and a can of corn

all from  Trader Joe's;)  Grace is unloading the dishwasher telling me she wants to make "this recipe" they

cooked in FACS the other day.  I say sure!  ( I will share it in a later post.  It will bring back memories for some of you)

 I am debuting my hand painted signs this Saturday at a local barn sale.  So I am painting like a

crazed woman.

I have so many projects I'm working on...I promise one day it will be two weeks worth

of posts...ha!

These are the free crab apples we got at the fall festival over a week ago.  They are kinda

looking bad now so I thought I better get a quick picture.  Isn't that one of God's best colors?

Grace picked up the acorns from our tree out front.



I am looking forward to watching " For Colored Girls" with Nikki tonight on Netflix


I can't begin to thank all of you for your comments on Sundays post.  They were

a gift to my heart.  They were like are precious precious women.

What was your day like?



17.   saying *good morning* to two people on my walk this morning..& looked them in the eye

18.   answered two phone calls

19.   lived fully in today...mostly

20.   driving the yellow truck now