my easy dinner night & a sneaky peeky

  wanna hear my new easy dinner night?  It is  “ every momma & kid for himself “ night.  Every Thursday we are celebrating it.  Since we are on a budget and are now eating at home -  come Thursday we have leftovers.  It gives me a break from cooking.  Simple as that.  I had a bowl of cereal and pasta with Earth Balance and parm.  Real healthy huh?


lots of projects this week.  here is a peek at a sign.  I got the neutrals done and now am working on the colors.  The colors are by far my favorite.  I a working on a special Christmas one.  I hope to have them up on Monday so come on back.  Maybe we can all go visit Suzanne and have some coffee or tea..may we?;)


How’s my heart you ask?

It is in training.  The sweaty stinky kind.  I am training my mind to seek His help continually, even when I feel competent to handle it by myself.  ( Jesus Calling)  I am taking each day as a separate block of time and that is what I must live in.  I am doing this by

  • releasing all my worries for that day to Him
  • thanking Him for each circumstances
  • I am aware of my value now.  I am working on my fears by doing it afraid. 

I am making my mind strong.  A strong mind effects all areas of life.  Turning 40 was a pivotal year.  I began exercising for the first time and I felt stronger.  That is when I began to put 2 and 2 together that my mind was getting stronger…which was making my body stronger which made me emotionally & spiritually stronger. 

The change I longed to see in my life and my family really began when I became willing to do the hard thing..and change myself.

Do you want to be a strong woman?  maybe you are stuck in a bad circumstance.  It begins with you.  Start there.  Forget the other stuff.  Start with YOU because

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Friday is my clean house day..bathrooms here I come

is there anything you do routinely on Fridays?




21.   went through the self checkout

22.   got of the couch @ Beauty Brands...long story