how is Pinterest inspiring you?...& Sunday time

Pinterest is the best thing since mac & cheese for the 'creative challenged'. 
Did you see these little dish cloths?  Click *here* for her easy tutorial.  Really cute idea..I just added a matching zig zag.


I have used a sponge since I became a wife...years but they do get stinky
I saw this as a way I could save a little bit of money.  3.99 ( @ Target ) got me 6 cloths.  One for each day.  And their washable..bonus! 
I had all of the other supplies already..fabric, threat & heatbond.
I now have sweet & * happy* reusable dishcloths.   Although I don't think you could bleach this fabric.  Maybe colorsafe?  I am going to make some for gifts and use some different appliques.  Also cute for shower gifts on cloth diapers??  good ideas!
I didn't buy 2 packs because Sundays have recently become off limits for any kind of work.  No blogging. no cleaning.  Sundays are for worshipping.breathing.being.enjoying & thanksgiving.  This is not following 'rules' it is a desire in my heart to take a day out of the week to slow down and spend real time with the kids.  We need each other.


Look what else I got 2 weeks ago.  There are 15 in my backyard.  What to build....

 : my heart

This is going to sound crazy but I realized this weekend that I am receiving.  Really taking any good thing .. in.  For the first time in my life.  I've lived with a wall over my head.  It has gotten in the way..not only of things getting out but things getting in. I don't receive because I am afraid it will be taken away.  I am wondering if this wall between things getting in and things getting out.. is trust?  Anyhow - I'm receiving and it is filling an empty place.  I will share more on this on the way.  We have plenty of time don't we?  No hurries.  Must take time to learn and savor.  This is blood, sweat & tears work.  I want to receive good gifts.  I want to share what I am learning in hopes that it will help you somehow.
 how are you at receiving good things?
what are your Sunday's filled with?
May your Sunday be filled with 'inner peace' & outer ya!


23.  trusting Him as I talk to him on the phone

24.   receiving his job as a answer

25.   trusting that God is stepping into the role of husband and father.  I'm never alone.  never

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