downshifting: re-prioritizing life in crisis

  Good evening girlies.  How has your week been so far?  yeah..I know.  Mine too:)

Along with working on living life afraid and overcoming my fear of peopleI am choosing to make a conscience decision to resist the urge to tune out.  To live life in fast forward.  I have been living in my tomorrows for way to long.  Life is going so fast I can't take it in and process anything.  And I want to.

Tuning out needs.  My kids.  Life.  God even?  It is easier being numb to things.  To not feel but in the end .. it leaves one devoid of life, love, support, the ability to give back, to listen, to help and so on.

tuning in + taking out + giving back = peace

Here is an example from my real life this week.  I am choosing..daily.. to stay in the present as much as possible.  Throughout the day, when I find myself not listening .. thinking of what I have to do next ..  getting impatient in a line ..  running late & so on I breathe and re-focus and begin to thank God for whatever it is at the moment that I am trying to tune out.  Then I say out loud...if possible:) that I am trusting Him.  The other day I got to put this into practice after a phone call that I found out some not so good things and I put this into action.  My faith into real life!

My evenings have consisted catching upon computer work, working on things for Urban Jane Designs.  After just moving, separating, etc. it is somewhat understandable


I don't want this to become a habit.  I want to end my work by dinner time so I am fully available for my kids.  I miss that and I know they do too.  Even as we speak I am working on a daily, weekly and monthly planning sheets that are designed for my families needs...and I'm hoping they will inspire you as well.

It is using my faith in the everyday details of my life.  I can't say that big enough!  I am learning that this is what matters.  This is what changes everything.  Every detail.  Every time.  In everything.  I have lived my todays thinking about tomorrows.  I don't want to do that anymore.  I am losing valuable time.  I miss way to much of life!

{Two things} I am consciencely choosing in my life to help me downshift

  1. working on my fear of people by doing at least one thing each day that scares me and writing it down
  2. resisiting the urge to tune out life by re foucusing then saying ( outloud if possible ) what I am thankful for and saying I trust God and releasing the urge to control what most likely is out of my control anyway.


So tell me..are you willing to allow yourself to feel your day?  To downshift to a slower pace?  What is one thing you do to slow down?



most all of the photos on this blog are from my best friend and daughter Nikki.  I wouldn't be able to do the little I do with this blog if it were not for her.  I love you and thank you from the bottom of my crazy heart:)  I often am blown away by the talent that God gave her.  I just know there are big things in her future.




9.    learning how to use power tools..the kind with blades!

10.  preparing for him to leave to another state..far away..and that I will be ok.

11.   always saying what I need not what I think others want me to say

12.   to say no

13.   to say yes