12 goals before 2012 & an update on my 2011 word

On January 1, 2011 I wrote *here* about the word that chose me for this year.  I just read Privet & Holly's post on her 2011 goals and being inspired - I found my word for this year and I'll be darn if it wasn't fearlessly!  Coincidence?  I think not.  Exactly what I am working on at the closing of 2011.  I am still releasing worries everyday...this is an arduous process...this training my mind.

I ran across Oh, Hello There's 12 before 2012 project of goals.  I thought this would be good for me at this juncture.  So I prayed and listened and wrote down a list.  Some big..some small.  Goal making is on my list to implement into my life.  I think it will help me be more intentional starting and finishing things.  A little way to keep track of progress.

Here is my list


1.   get started on our handmade holiday gift exchange

2.   fall pictures of me & the kids

3.   make curtains for living room.  Grace's room.  Dakota's room

4.   grow my nails out...just a little

5.   write a letter to my dad

6.   get addicted to exercise again.  make it a priority

7.   have budget in place

8.   writing .. but what about.. direction..keep praying and journaling

9.   continue with doing one thing a day that scares me & write it down

10.   practice " seeking to understand " putting myself in others shoes

11.   practice forgiving..more

12.  brainstorm goals for 2012 and write them down.  Real & measurable. 


If you made a list of things you wanted to complete before the end of the year what would one of them be?

You are sure welcome to join with me.  We could keep each other accountable??:)


28.  stop pressing so hard to make work happen.  release.

29.  write my heart more