why would someone choose to be a butt Dr.?

I ask myself this question everytime I go visit my GI ... Dr. V Why share this in today's post?  Well..first thing that comes to mind is...we all have them....bums.  It is the most godawful embarrassing place to go talk with someone about.  Right above or below..can't decide..the pap smear.   And when we have a concern about it we need to go to the Dr. and see what's up.  I'm glad I did.  My symptoms were freaking me out coupled with the frantic internet search... I just knew I was dying!  I did find out I have severe Ulcerative Colitis and was NOT dying.


I went for my office visit last week and the Dr. determined that the Remicade has failed and he is going to try and get me approved for Cimzia.  And then WHAM! the dreaded colonscopy was scheduled for Wednesday ( today).  I knew this was coming.  I know my body and I was no longer symptom free.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am approved.

STILL the thought of laying there with someone looking at my bum...ugh!  Even though I'm drugged I'm sure I still know!  You know?

I'm thankful I went but I still don't have to like this colonoscopy thing right?

God gives some the gift of heart and knowledge to save lives..yes..even our bottoms can get sick:)  When its time: have your colonoscopy!


My day will be under the influence of drugs but I pray
your day be sprinkled with little gifts that you would take time to enjoy:)
have you noticed a gift yet today ... that you would like to share?



image made from Life Made Lovely...enjoy!