simple handmade notecards { a tutorial } & linkup

Link up your handmade notecards/stationary @ end of post..whatever!  no rules:)  

After I posted Can I send you something...for free bringing back the love of snail mail -- I was in a conundrum...what was I going to use that was personal..simple..and handmade?  I could easily run down to the store and grab some stationary but this time I wanted it to come from my yours.  I was left with only one other choice...digging into my boxes of odds & ends.  And here are some snapshots of the result.  Simple.  What do you think?  I love them.

 I was inspired by other lovely ladies and I've shared a few below.  Pruse if you are so inclined:) I'm off to round up my Sharpie's so I can get busy writing in those cards and mailing them out to YOU! 

If your interested in receiving a letter from moi...either leave your address in the comments or shoot me a quick email! 

 I will be back Friday with the How To...and a few more designs. 


{homemade by monica


what about you...yes YOU?

Are you a letter writer?  Have you made your own cards?  If so - I would love to see them.

Feel free to link you notecards..stationary..anything you would write on to send somebody

below OK?  Let's get to creating cheap..simple notecards shall we?




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