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First - if you would love to join me in recovering a lost art...the handwritten..delivered right to your mailbox - will you kindly and ever so humbly leave your mailing address in the comment section or  in my inbox?  I promise not to share it with anyone else:))

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Third - I will write each one that leaves me an address.  It has to start somewhere right? 

Call me old fashioned but I miss going out to the mailbox and receiving a letter addressed to me from a friend or family. Nowadays.. it is junk mail and bills.

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I'm hungering down deep for a change.  Don't get me wrong.  I love technology but something is missing.   When we moved to our dainty house a couple of weeks ago I uncovered a letter my grandma had written me years ago.  I was a young married girl.  Really young and already had two babies.  She was in Florida at the time and we were writing back and forth.  I can remember the feeling of opening the mailbox and seeing the letter there.  I would wait until a time when I was alone to open it and read the words written by her own hand.  Reading it that day was special because I could "see" and "touch" her handwriting.  It was like a piece of her that was left to me.  An email cannot do that.

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Why not with us?  Yeah- I know.  Time.  We all have crazy harried lives.  Me too.  But I refuse to keep taking part in it.  I am rebelling.  I want to do what I can to effect change in my little circle of influence to bring back simple to my life.  Bring back lost arts that brought joy and personal touches to lives.  What about you?  Would you join with me? 

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I send printable's like these of to Staples.  It saves my ink.   Try making your own..or just buy some at your local OR even use a spiral notebook page ripped from your child's notebook and us a plain ol' envelope.  It worked for my grandma:)

Happy Handwriting...xo~tgbg

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