fear of people

the phone rings...heart races..gloom & doom feelings..panic and I can't answer it
the doorbell rings and dread.  Sick feelings.  I can't talk right now.  I don't answer it.

This is my life @ times.  Fear of people.  A phobia.  I don't know.  I am a loner..maybe.  I like my alone time.  I need it.   I also love people.  So why am I scared of them?   I often look at those extroverts and silently mourn that I am not more like that.  I don't want to be someone other than ME but I DO want to be more open to people and not so fearful.  Here is a short post from Donald Miller called Leaders Lead People Through Fear that I read last night that really encouraged me to stop and take time to look at where my life is at right now and perhaps ALL of the circumstances going on right this very minute are all new characters in the new story line of my life.  

For now - I am looking at the doorbells and phone calls and strangers around me in my daily life as practice..little lessons wrapped in flesh sent to gently let me learn that I will not die when engaging in talking to people.

::they can't hurt me..really
::that I don't have to be a prisoner of these fear feelings for the rest of my life.
::I can do it even though I'm afraid.

I will get back to you and let you know how it is going:) 

do people scare you?  if so, what do you do that helps you?
Maybe it will encourage you as well.  Happy Weekending:)