buffalo popcorn..you gotta try it!

I am out in the garage with boxes piled all around...large black trash bags filled with stuff...and here I am in my new workspace.  Me and my sewing machine.  The garage door is up and the sound of neighborhood children playing reminds me of the days when I first started out as a mom.  The days when there was no money and you made do with what you had.  Like a garage for a workspace right?  Hey..I'm thankful and I think it is pretty darn funny!  Starting over isn't easy or fun sometimes but it sure helps when you can laugh about it doesn't it?

I am winging it this weekend.  Putting my Urban Jane military hats in our city fair ( more on this later in the week).  Like tomorrow it starts.  I am crazy!  I only have one of everything so I have to take orders but it is a start.  And I am not chickening out even though I'm scared to death and might not sale one thing. So I sew and do what I can and it will be enough.  This is my mantra today.  At least I am going...I think:)

I had to run to the grocery store because the fridge is empty..or so the kids tell me.  I can grab a bowl of cereal and be happy.

I saw this and thought it might be a good & healthy after school snack for Grace..and me..ha!

So I picked the girlie up ( read here for Suzanne's post on girlie..it will melt your heart )

and we came home and air popped some and climbed up in her swingset and ate it.

we read the current Rachel Ray magazine

and we just "were".  Quiet.  Cars passing.  Smiles.  It was nice.

and if you try it...add lots.  It makes it spicy..you know when your lips are burning spicy:)

The garage ( my workspace) will have to wait to be organized.  I've got sewing to do.

My Chicago friend Gg..who pens Gg-notes on the journey is so wise..I just LOVE her.  And she always signs " fondly ".  I love that too:).

I guess this is my current favorite magazine.  Just cause I saw it at Target today and wanted some fallish food recipes.  As if Pinterest isn't enough..ha ha!


Have you had a " just were" moment lately?  or a favorite popcorn recipe?  do share:)

For another delish fattening popcorn recipe visit Kellie..wouldn't this be good with a great movie this weekend?

Smore's Popcorn @ Nest of Posies