Day 69 of 72 : Guess what?

We got the house!  ( picture me doing a little dance here) we got the hooussee...we got the hhhooussee...woot woot..fist pump..fist pump.  I have all of this house story written in my journal!  Three houses we were turned down on...THREE!  Each time grace ( God's grace :) pulled me back up and put me on my feet telling me to WAIT..I'm fighting for you.  BE STILL...and I did.

believing that He had the right place and I pleaded with Him that I didn't want to go anywhere He wasn't going with us.  Grace & I got to circle another prayer answered in our journals!  Fervent prayer works.  Wait till you hear the story of this house!  It is a God Story!

We move in next Thursday.  Sept 1.  Stay tuned you have any God stories as of late?  hoping you have lots of time to just "be" with your family this weekend.  To love on them and eat them up:)