Day 68 of 72 : do you have an after school routine?

I was working at the computer ( c'mon ya'll - you know this moment right;) "will you sit outside with me" was the question she asked me night before last.

She's 12 after all!.  Honestly - I didn't want to right then.  I wanted to bury myself back in my work.   My heart wouldn't let me though.  It tugged.  There isn't much time left.  I should know that by now with 3 grown ones right?  The years are like a breath and their gone.  So I closed the computer and said " sure" and her eye's smiled the same as her mouth and we went outside.  " do you want to ride bikes?"  Before  I could analyze ( one of my weakness ) I was on the blue bike...she on white and off we went like after school girlfriends.  Up hills and ( thank God for downhills ) the wind blowing our hair and her saying..." doesn't this feel good mom?" did feel good.  The good down in the soul kinda good!  Then we finished off our bike ride with 20 lunges down the driveway....( and can I feel that today)

do you have to make yourself stop working to play?  I am looking for inspiring ways to engage the kids after school.  Even the big ones want to spend time with us...I believe it is every bit as important don't you?  We cannot let the busyness of our times steal away our time with them right?:)

Where do you tuck in those " just being" after school moments with your kids?

Do you have special dates with them?  a night? maybe special foods?  places you go?
Tell me..Tell me...

I would love to hear and learn and maybe steal some ideas from you...ha!