Day 67 of 72 : I had a baby in a cattle trough

  Yep - you read that right.  I did.  My aunt is a nurse midwife.  I gave birth to my third child with my mom, grandma, my best friend, my sister and brother in law and the two girls upstairs while I blew bubbles in the water.  I remember that.  On all fours .. breathing through the contractions and hearing bubbles.  The things you do.  I was young and easily swayed with my aunt's all natural approach to birth.    The first two births we in a hospital but no drugs!  Do any of you remember those days?  The days of all natural childbirth?  Oh my goodness!  What was I thinking!  I did it though.  Twice.  The girls were a year apart.  I breastfed Nikki you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding.  So not true.  Three months later there was a red line on the test kit!

{This is what the tank looked like only ours was new and clean..not something that had been on the farm}

Three years later we I thought a home birth...why not?  Let's just go all the way and have a water birth.  And I did!   Reece was born under water!   We kept the cattle trough in the garage covered in plastic until I went into labor.  I think it was " the trough" that all the birthing families shared.  Kinda gross huh?  It wasn't though.  It was sanitized and kept sterile until needed.  I do have pictures of all of this.  Not the really graphic ones but I do have proof that this crazy woman gave birth in water.

I really forget about all of that stuff.  The birthing stuff.  It has been so many years.  I don't know why I thought of it the other day other than I might share something with all of you that you didn't know about me.

A quick after thought:  Dakota, my fourth child, I had natural as well and it was an old fashioned hospital experience { yuck!}...stirrups, drapes and the whole bit.  Way different than my first three.  But Grace, that girl has been the easiest baby from day one and you know what?  I had an epidural, a four hour labor and it was a breeze!!

Moral of the story:  Take the drugs...get an epidural!...haha!

Now it is your turn.  Make me laugh.  I need a good laugh:)  
Would you share something with me that I don't know about you?
Or do you have a birth story to tell?..:)


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