Day 53 - 58 of 72 : she's home & thankful for trials

Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials why? because  the testing of your faith produces endurance...and I search for words for what God is doing and they all fall short.  He is the author and finisher of our faith...I must confess I like to put my hands on it and finish it for Him and that I do...finish it.  But have you ever sat back and let Him do His work in His way and submit your judgement and will to Him...and the daily battle is keeping my hands off .  Trust and believe..and watch and what I have been blessed to witness is Him working out things that if I would have touched it ... but I can barely breath it out so I am going to treasure it in my heart and continue to watch and by His grace I will continue to keep my hands off and just pray, listen and do what comes next ... ever had that feeling that if you speak it it will all crumble?  yes?  then you know what I'm saying..or not saying.

she says she is changed...her eyes have been opened...verses underlined...retelling ALL of the stories told..the cross walk... verses God gave her!  I am so full of joy..thank you for the prayers..thank you.

Ever had a time when you ( the parent ) became the student of ( the child)? 

 or your child's fire lights your fire...makes it burn hotter.  Brighter?

or the moment when your child owns their faith?  Where you can sit for hours and talk of being a Christ follower and what that means in America where Christian is a word that mean more or less than Christ? 


and after eating and talking way long at Panera's today over soup and salad..while watching her blue eyes dance and tear as she was retelling stories .. we stopped outside the car and I said.  I'm so thankful for the trials and their pressure to bring me to this place.  Looking into her eyes I see her soul laid bare and not aware that it is.  Remember those days?  Your soul so laid bareSo naked before the living God.  Not caring who see's or what they think?  Yeah - me too.  And I want it.  That soul laid bare eyes living.


have you ever been here before? 
where your children have taught you a thing or two?:)
please do tell...

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