Day 52 of 72 : call me crazy

call me crazy but I think there is a prophet speaking to me and oh how I pray I am like the kings that listened.  Here is what is being said.  Now mind you..I was praying to God to help me find a name for my little store- booth and I sat down at the computer and there was an email from my sweet friend Robyn. It couldn't have been a better message for me. It was about the song of victory being sung before the battle has been fought.  Anyone that has read my blog for long knows I am in a battle..a long ongoing battle right?  Well - in this email was a name and I knew it was the perfect name. For my business that is:)

two things ... I knew God was speaking to me through these words AND a name for my business ( more on this next week ) much to share!

So - I sit down to check email and I thought I'd click on new post and see if there were any words to type and nothing so I picked up my devo today and read and guess what it betcha...It was about thanksgiving before the miracle! Songs of victory being sung before the battle and I was like, " Oh my gosh!  who am I going to tell!  This is way cool!  Well - my friends of course:)  You all!

I'm going to choose to praise Him throughout the day.  I can sense the battle being fought in the unseen world all around us can't you?  I pray to be on the front lines.  I will choose to keep getting back up until I can't anymore.  Until there is no breath left in me.  I will get up by His grace and I will praise today. I know the battle is getting ready to intensify for me so I am going to praise, praise and praise some more.

You wanna know something funny? I tried to think of a quick praise and worship song and you know what popped into my head?

Awesome God! Remember that song?  He IS awesome isn't He?

Will you join with me today? Will you join in the battle?...we've already won so all the more reason to praise!  And for those who are sick, soul weary, discouraged and having a hard time trusting today...those of us will trust for you..believe for you..praise for you!

I pray to continue to have ears to hear and eyes to see...ever so slowly they are opening..I am so full and still desire more...more of Him.



It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.

— e.e. cummings

the most precious heart is an orphan warrior..more to come.  See for more of this warrior's story.  Once your eyes are opened...