Day 47 of 72 : what do you do when your on the brink of the unknown?

  when we are standing on the brink of the known and the unknown and all of our emotions dance dizzy in our heads and fear and trepidation want us to take their hands and run away but as we look to what is in front of us...some of decide to go ahead and take the dare...and live to ring the bell of freedom.


these two did just that yesterday.

Praying for these kiddos as they spend the whole week being nurtured in the word and challenged to step out of their comfort zones into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is ( that is a song but can't remember which one:)...with no way to contact home...they have to trust...people that are total strangers.  It is also a test for me to trust the counselors with my kiddo.  Letting go of control.

What emotions are inviting you to dance as you look to the unknown?
Are you going to take their hand or you going to take the dare to live?
Will you dare?


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