Day 45 of 72 : I will not use the "S" word will you?

S C H O O L.....whew!

there I said it.  You are in one of two groups.


1) one who doesn't think about school until a week before..saying " tomorrow school starts?  really?!  and you make a mad dash to the nearest dept. store


2) you are a are already checking items off of your to do list


I am a #2 kinda girl. I have to budget...I feel another confession coming.  Another addiction...I LOVE walking into a store and seeing all of the school supplies...the crayons...opening the box and giving it a big sniff!  Weird maybe but I love love school supplies.  I have a pen fetish.  Have for years.  Anyway - back to the post.  Maybe I should have been a teacher....

Are you a last minute school shopper or do you plan...have you already started shopping?  If so - what are some of your favorite go to stores? Anyone have those " tween " kiddos that are so hard to buy for? Keeping it appropriate but still fashionable?  Me too... here are some of my favorite places to peruse...even if I don't get to buy;)

Mini Boden & Johnny B..

Garnet Hill Kids

Matilda Jane ( there back to school collection is to die for...not really but the flesh says that;)...seriously AND their models are wearing big glasses just like Grace did in my header...too funny!)  Go browse will you?

Another gal...Paige over @ Simple Thoughts always has her girls dressed so cute.  You might check her out as the days draw closer;)  Well..happy Monday and I have some very fun suprises up my sleeve over the next couple of weeks.

Are you using the "S" word yet?


1st Day 5th grade

send the spring rain on our hearts today Father that they be broken by your plow so that we may be a plowed women...


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