Day 43 of 72 : summer lunch idea & a secret addiction

  the pouty face came walking out of the bedroom at 9 am...she was grumpy and BORED!  Ever have that in the summer?  Her bestest friend was not available so I was going to have to do and she wasn't cracking.  I made jokes...told her we could go to JoAnn's...that met with a mean look so I threw out " Do you wanna go to get some frozen yogurt?"

" Really?" the eyes of sky opened wide and the sparkle came back.  Grumpy Grace said "sure, why not" ?  By the time I run into JoAnn's it will be 11:00...that is lunch time isn't it?  We are diehard fans of Orange Leaf but there is a new guy on the block and it wasn't as far so we thought we should try Yogurtopia...Yogurt + get the idea:)

I had Tart with Reece's Cup and Brownie Bites

Grace had cake batter with Cheesecakes Bites, Reece's Cups, Sprinkles and I don't know what else.  She mixes hers all together

I don't:) I'm a neat girl that way.

Hey..they concur...yogurt for lunch!




Disappeared...yummy in our tummies.  Do you ever want something salty after eating something sweet?  McD's fries were calling my name but I held my hand up and said " no way dude ".  Or should I ask...Have you ever had Frozen Yogurt for lunch?

Ssshhhh....but that night I went through McD's and got a small Mcflurry with extra Reece's cup and it was EPIC as my son would say!  It is my secret: going through drive thru's without telling anybody and eating bad stuff...don't leave me hanging that I am the ONLY one?  I think they have a reality show about that ....

Happy Friday all.  Be safe.  Swim it up and go have some FroYo for lunch will ya?!!